Encrypt Your Password Securely

A password chart is a chart using random values that turn one letter or character into a new random character or characters for the purpose of taking a simple password that's easy to remember into a hard to crack password. It's like double protection against hackers.

Enter your password below and click "create encrypted password". After you will be given a random password created from the chart below. If you like you can decrypt your password at any time below or download and print the chart off so you can keep a hard copy of your password in coded form or use it to create new coded passwords at home.

Please type the password you would like to encrypt.

Decrypt Your Password
Enter your encrypted password with the spaces in between the characters.
Separate each word with two spaces if multiple words were used.

A = 2e3 B = 9h C = n$ D = 2e E = lp F = l
G = dj H = 78 I = 6et J = u K = m L = 3r
M = %g N = fj O = ld P = 2d Q = ds R = m1
S = tq T = 9i U = dz V = p W = l8 X = e
Y = 3 Z = & 0 = b 1 = p6 2 = 5r 3 = 3g
4 = ldr 5 = pp 6 = 2s 7 = hb 8 = li 9 = at
space ends up as a space

Download the chart as an image for a back up. (Right click and save as)