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Morse code has been used since the electrical telegraph was invented in 1836 by Samuel F. B. Morse where electric impulses were sent over wires from one person to another. The person on the receiving end would have to translate the message by listening to clicks and silence and using a chart which you will find below.

Lets take a look at a morse code alphabet chart to show you how we come up with these values. Each letter and number are assigned a sequence of dots and dashes that translate into noises or even lights that one person can send to someone on the receiving end who then translates it into English. It's actually quite easily done.

Fun fact. The first morse code message ever sent was between Baltimore and Washington and was "What hath God wrought?".

The Alphabet and Numbers in Morse Code

.-   A     --.  G     --   M     ...  S     -.-- Y
-... B     .... H     -.   N     -    T     --.. Z
-.-. C     ..   I     ---  O     ..-  U   
-..  D     .--- J     .--. P     ...- V   
.    E     -.-  K     --.- Q     .--  W   
..-. F     .-.. L     .-.  R     -..- X
.----  1              -....  6
..---  2              --...  7
...--  3              ---..  8
....-  4              ----.  9
.....  5              -----  0